Shareholders can find their unclaimed dividend to be deposited to the Government.

Please enter you Folio No

Please select the Dividend as per its date of declaration

Note :

  1. The shareholders holding shares in physical form have to enter eight digit folio No. In case the folio No. is of less than 8 digits, they should prefix required ‘ 0 ‘ to make it eight digits Folio No. For Example, if your folio No. is 999, you need to add five ‘ 0 ‘ before your folio No. such as ‘ 00000999 ‘
  2. Shareholders holding shares in NSDL should join the DP ID and Client ID enter both without adding space or “/” between DP ID and Client ID. (For example your DP ID is IN123456 and Client ID is 12345678, you will enter IN12345612345678.)
  3. Shareholders holding shares in CDSL, should enter their entire 16 digit Folio No.
  4. After entering the Folio No., please select the dividends declared by the Company upto 30-09-2012 and 7 years have not been completed upto 30-09-2013.

Details of Equity Shares Liable for transfer to IEPF Suspense Account

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