Mining Projects

Monnet Group has been aggressively progressing on significantly scaling up its Mining Business.

Mineral resources' availability has been and will continue to remain an area of concern and this has created a demand supply mismatch which has lead to an escalation of raw material prices. This in turn has had a resultant impact on scaling up the production cost and the over all price of the products.

Monnet Group, having a business philosophy of being cost effective in areas of business operations through integration of its processes, has been focusing on mineral resource acquisitions in India and abroad. The synergies therefore are towards acquiring mineral resources such as Iron Ore and Coal mines for production of sponge Iron and Manganese mines for production of Ferro Alloys. Ensuring raw material availability for our products would not only be instrumental in lowering the production costs but would also ensure regular supply of raw materials thereby ensuring no delays on account of raw material unavailability.

Going forward, with an aim of scaling up the Mining business, The Group intends to extend its mining operations for other mineral resources as well.

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