Shakuntala Tiwari

Resident of Mandir Hasaud village
Women Empowerment

Shakuntala Tiwari, a resident of the MandirHasaud village was going through very tough times of her life as her husband had lost job and went into severe depression. It was then, that she took charge and the onus of survival of the entire family shifted to her shoulders. This was the time when, one of her neighbor’s informed her about an institution named “Monnet Foundation” where various training programmes are organized for women including Stitching Classes.

“I was referred for the stitching course offered by Monnet Foundation and I joined it in July 2011. Since then there has been no looking back for me as I took these stitching training classes very seriously. Simultaneously I also started attending post batch training sessions to enhance my skills. My efforts and the training imparted by qualified stitching trainers of Monnet Foundation have started reaping benefits. Today, I stitch uniforms for Monnet DAV Public School and clothes, bags etc. for neighbors in my village. I am very proud of myself as now I am able to support my family and earn around a minimum of Rs.300 per day. I really appreciate and thank Vandana Maam& Monnet Foundation who encouraged & supported me all through.”

Being benefitted with the support of Monnet Foundation and her own effort, Shankutla has referred other girls/women of her village to come forward for such trainings.

Satyawati Baghel

Mandir Hasaud village
Women Empowerment

Satyawati Baghel’s will to achieve and win…is a true inspiration for all us and makes us believe that nothing can stop us from achieving our goals if we have courage and dedication to achieve that goal. Satyawati, a 20 year old girl from MandirHasaud village despite being physically challenged has managed to earn a living for herself.

“I had a desire of extending financial support to my family but was unable to do so as both my legs were not functioning. Seven years ago, someone brought me to Monnet Foundation for learning stitching. I was enrolled in a 6 month training batch and Monnet Foundation especially arranged for a hand sewing machine for me and eventually gifted it to me when my course got over. Since then, I have been taking up stitching jobs from people of my village and have managed to live a better life. I am really thankful to Monnet Foundation from bottom of my heart.”

Manoj Kumbkar

Village Kurud

Manoj Kumbkar, a resident of village Kurud was asked to forgo his higher education in order to provide financial assistance to his family. After completion of his schooling, his mother introduced him to Monnet Foundation for a job of a labor. Monnet Foundation could have easily offered him a job of a labor; however the foundation refused to do so, as the foundation realized that Manoj deserved higher education and a better job.

Monnet Foundation thus took the onus of sponsoring his higher education along with a professional course. Simultaneously, MF employed him as an attendant in the Foundation. Through this job, Manoj was not only able to provide financial support to his family but also became capable of paying the college fees himself.

On completion of his graduation in Bachelor in Arts along with a computer course, Manoj became eligible to apply for the post of a computer lab assistant in Monnet DAV Public School. He cleared the examination and interview for this post and today he has a permanent employment in Monnet DAV Public School as a computer lab assistant.

“Monnet Foundation has completely transformed my life and I am really thankful. The foundation believed in me and supported me in fulfilling my dreams. The foundation has been like an extended family to me, as without this support I wouldn’t have been able to achieve all of this.”

Anu Rana


Nurturing budding and talented athletes has always been a primary objective of Monnet Sports Foundation (MSF). Under the guidance of Mr. Sandeep Jajodia, the foundation took the onus of providing support to a budding boxer-ANU RANA, daughter of a security guard Mr. HazariLal at the Group’s Raipur plant. Studying in the class VII of Monnet DAV Public School, Raipur, she has impeccable boxing skills and has won 7 gold medals in the Chhattisgarh State boxing tournaments and a gold medal in the weight category 40-42 kg, in the 7th sub junior women boxing championship.

Inspired by her accomplishments, motivation, dedication and the aspiration to represent India in boxing sport, MSF took the onus of taking care of her nutritional needs, so that she can undergo proper training regimes and thus achieve peak performance. MSF also believed that comfort and safety are two critical aspects for a boxer during their bouts thus; the foundation has also been providing her proper boxing kits.

“I had interest in boxing sport since my early childhood days and wanted to become a boxer. Sighting my interest in the boxing sport, my father encouraged me to pursue my dream and helped me in all possible ways. His efforts and my dedication enabled me to perform well in the sport.

During one of the visits of Sandeep Sir to the plant, my father shared my accomplishments and my dream to become a boxer with him. Taking out time from his busy schedule, sir spoke to me and appreciated me for my efforts and this made me feel proud of myself. Sir also expressed that he wants to see me perform better and win more medals for the state and eventually for the nation as well. He told me that I should focus on the sport and that the company would take care of my nutritional needs and would also provide me with good boxing kits. I am really thankful to Sandeep Sir for extending support and taking care of my boxing needs, as it has not only fostered confidence in me but has also enabled me to perform even better in my bouts.”

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